What’s a mala, anyway?

The other day I bought my first mala. In case you are unsure what that is exactly, it’s a long string of 108 beads and you say a prayer or mantra and repeat it as you move along the string. One repetition for each bead. I have been looking for a mala for a couple of years but just hadn’t been able to find “the one.”

Well my friend Rachel at Moonstruck Rising posted on Facebook that she was selling some malas she had made and one of the photos totally captivated me! Then I went to the studio where she had her merchandise and it was confirmed. THIS was the mala I had been looking for! The next day I received some soul-care encouragement from Gin White at Subtle Harmony and she gave me a lovely practice that combines breathing practice with gratitude and uses a MALA as the tool!

How fabulous is that??? A brand new mala AND a wonderful new practice all in one weekend!

There are so many beautiful ways to deepen our practices. Sometimes those practices find US instead of us finding them.

And THAT is a beautiful thing.