Today this is what I choose!

What's beautiful about your day today?

I must say, it’s been a weird few weeks. Strange days have turned into stranger weeks. So many things have changed, and then other things have oddly remained exactly the same. It’s kind of hard to keep track which is which sometimes! What day is it today anyway?

As the days have turned into weeks, and the weeks are turning into months now for our time of social distancing, in some ways I am feeling better. Calmer. Less anxious. What about you?

On the other hand…

I often hear myself and others saying, “when this is all over…” or “after all this…” or “when things get back to normal…” 

The thing is, these statements carry with them a “waiting” energy. Like, “when this is all over, THEN I can have my real life back.” Or, “after all this, when we get back to our real lives.” Or, “when things get back to normal, and we’re back to real life again.”

But are these statements really true? I mean – what’s happening right now, if not our real lives? Isn’t what’s happening now REAL??? I don’t know about you, but I have been VERY aware of reality these last many weeks! It’s impossible NOT to be aware that there are some very real threats to our health and well-being out there and we must change our habits and interactions to keep each other safe and well. 

In the midst of all this, it can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? It’s easy to see it all as a hardship and focus on all the things that are uncomfortable, or undesirable, or “bad” about our new ways of life. I will argue however, that we still have the most important choice at our disposable – perspective! We can CHOOSE to see today “just another day in isolation” OR another day to celebrate, enjoy, and be in awe and wonder of! 

What do you choose today?

Today I am choosing to see the beauty that is inherent in TODAY, right now. Today has plenty of gifts of its own. I enjoyed a nice run in the cool of the morning. Made myself a berry smoothie. Spent some time stretching and rolling my muscles to care for them. Listened to a great webinar. And that was just the things that happened before lunch!

If I wasn’t choosing to see the beauty though, that narrative would sound completely different! “Another day in isolation. A run all by myself. Another smoothie. Another webinar, since all I have to entertain myself is this computer screen…I can’t wait for life to start back up…” 

But NO! Not today! 

TODAY I choose to see the beauty in every part of my day. I choose to live the beautiful life I have right in front of me rather than waiting around for something that only exists in my imagination! 

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