A Simple Introduction…

If you’ve been with me since the beginning (two months running now!), some of this will be familiar. But I thought this might be a nice time to share a bit more about myself for those who are just stopping in. An introduction (or reintroduction) of sorts…

Who am I?

Name: Jenn Tarrant
Fun Facts: I love telling stories (with ALL the details), my favorite fall beverage is a Soy Salted Caramel Black and White Mocha with Whip, Caramel Sauce and the Salt Topping (go big or go home, right?), my toenails are painted a minimum of 363 days a year, Disney movie quotes make up a strong 15% of my daily conversation, and I divide my gum in half when I chew it so neither side of my mouth feels left out (I know, there’s help…).
Free Time Activities: reading, taking long walks, coffee with friends, making jewelry
Roots: Born and raised in Oklahoma City, 3 years in Texas, living in Phoenix, AZ for the past 14 years
Favorite Fact About Myself: (I always have about three favorites for anything and everything) – I love to laugh, I am a great teacher, I am a pretty darn good designer!

Why did I start this blog?

I have had a wild ride figuring out who I am and why I am the way I am and thought I must surely NOT be the only person who has experienced a journey like this. BUT, I am not sure how many others are sharing their stories and bringing other people along with them. Regardless, no one else has my EXACT story and so, if some find their own path to transformation through me sharing my story, I am super excited to be a part of THAT!

Who is this blog for?

The way I see things, we are ALL on a transformational journey. Some of us embrace it, some of us go to the nearest hide-y hole and wait for this whole thing called life to be over as fast as possible, and a lot of us fall somewhere in between. This blog is for those of us in the middle; particularly those who recognize transformation is a good idea, but for any variety of reasons are apprehensive to jump in or don’t quite know where to start or are unsure if we are truly amazing enough to invest all that effort. I have news for us all – WE ARE BRILLIANT BEYOND MEASURE! (thank you Marianne Williamson for that quote of awesomeness!) Let’s hang out and make our full-color transformations together, okie dokie?

What’s something I’m working on that I’m SUPER proud of?

I have a lot going on right now (who doesn’t, right?), but I am probably most excited about launching the Facebook aspect of Iridescent Dragonflies and generating lots of new friends to share this awesome transformational journey! Other than that, I have mostly been working my own transformation like it’s going out of style. I am learning all kinds of things about myself and have found that I actually LIKE me and am excited to be meeting new people who are interested in the same things I am and helping each other out along the way. Living life is pretty stinkin’ exciting right now, I have to say!

What’s the ONE MESSAGE I hope people come away with?

Far and away it is this: YOU are worth your own investment. YOU are worth sharing with others. YOU have a message to share that WE need to hear. YOU are too AWESOME to miss! So get with it and start your iridescent transformation already!