Do you ever need to know you’re not alone?

I do.

In fact, that’s why Iridescent Dragonflies is even a thing.

Let me take you back a couple years…

It was the Spring of 2014 and I had been working at a job I loved as a nonprofit consultant for a little over 5 years. The company I worked for helped small nonprofits build a strong internal structure, raise money and develop better communications with their supporters. It was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.

But by the Spring of 2014 I was getting restless.

It wasn’t that I was bored with my job. Nope. Still loved it immensely. However, I felt a stirring deep inside. A stirring that compelled me to do something more personal.

And it all came from my own inner journey.

You see, I was hungry. For knowledge, for growth, for a community of people who shared my same desires and hopes. And I was really interested in yoga, meditation, essential oils, energy work, and stones. I had some great friends that I very much enjoyed hanging out often we would really dive deeply into these things, but they had just moved away and I knew it would be hard to create another similar relationship built around these interests.

Remember camp as a kid or teen?

I LOVED that experience! Getting to leave behind all the stress and worry of life and hang out in some beautiful location for a week (or more) and spend time on personal growth and building relationships. I wanted to go to camp! But that doesn’t really work in the middle of work and family and carpools, does it?


I knew that if I wanted to experience personal growth and delve into these things that were so intriguing to me, then I had to figure out a way to do it right in the middle of life on a random Tuesday afternoon, or after an argument with my kids, or a disappointment at work, or whatever.

And then it dawned on me! I wasn’t alone – and neither are you!

I couldn’t be the only person on the planet who wanted to experience deep personal growth but still had a life to live. Right? And if I hadn’t been able to find that community in person, or online, it was HIGHLY likely that there were other people who wanted the same thing and also hadn’t been able to find it. Right?

So it seemed absolutely clear.

I needed to create it!

So I started writing and researching and learning about the things that intrigued me. And then I started posting these things through my blog and on a FaceBook page. I wasn’t alone after all! You were there, too!

And now, here we are!

5 ways to enjoy the momentA little over two years have passed since I knew it was time to follow this deep gnawing inside. And about a year and a half since I wrote the very first blog. Since then, I have taken courses in YogaTherapy 2 (all about subtle body energies), Meditation, Essential Oils, and Yoga for PTSD. I have researched and made friends with people who know lots about stones and had many energy work sessions that have truly blown my mind. And every time I learn something new, I share it with you guys either via blog or FaceBook post.

It’s my hope that you find a community here that supports you on your own journey and connects you with resources that provide light and practical help on a Thursday afternoon. I’m so excited you are here and hope that we can share this journey for years to come. We are definitely not alone!

Are you feeling alone right now? Need a boost today? Looking for something to brighten up this moment? Here are 5 of my favorite ways to bring myself back to the moment and live in joy. Feel free to download and print it out!