No wifi? No problem.

So I am at my local Starbucks to get some work done. I get this fabulous Caramel Macchiato, sit down, open up my computer, and proceed to try to login to the wifi only to realize that wifi is down for my entire region of the state.

No wifi. I am perplexed.
No wifi? What to do?
I find myself needing to use my critical thinking skills. I just sat down with 20 beautiful ounces of coffee and now cannot answer emails and stuff. What can I do as I sit here and sip this creation of amazingness?
I come up with two choices. First – write this blog post. ; ) Second, I decide that while this isn’t my original plan, it is also NOT the end of the world. I decide I can stay here, enjoy the moment, TALK to people, and notice what’s happening around me.
So…welcome to my unplanned exercise in mindfulness.
I hear the noise of the coffee grinding, the milk steaming for lattes, the beep of the scanner when people pay. I see people in line, some of them are talking to each other, others are staring off into space, some are on their phones. A young couple is hugging. Most of the people here right now have come in twos, which is kind of intriguing to me. It’s the middle of the afternoon. It seems more of them should be at work or something. But here we all are. There are 5 employees behind the counter, and watching their well-orchestrated movements to make a custom beverage every two minutes is fascinating! Such harmony and grace and efficiency!
Now I turn my attention to myself. I notice that the stress I was feeling about my inability to get stuff done is subsiding. My shoulders are relaxing. My breath is settling down. The expression on my face is softening too. I must look more open to conversation now. Three different people start up conversations about everything from the wifi, to shoes to helping next door neighbors! This is something I would have missed entirely if I was head-down completing tasks like crazy! When I take some time to look up from my computer, my eyes are able to release tension, too. It’s nice to get out of “computer head” for awhile!
Wherever you are right now, can you stop for 5 minutes to take a mindfulness break? If you choose to try this exercise, I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what you noticed. We can learn so much from each other as we share our stories of mindfulness. Perhaps you bring your attention to something that I never even considered before. Maybe I see something that has previously escaped your attention.
No wifi?

No problem.