Cultivate Inner Calm

4 weeks to bring meditation into your life

My mind was racing from one thought to the next. I would sit down at my computer to get something done and then next thing I knew, I was changing the laundry and quickly wiping down the kitchen counter. Oh wait! I needed to pay that bill online! Back to the computer. Then I saw an email come in from my daughter’s teacher. I take the time to answer it, then look up to see that it’s time to start making dinner. I went into the kitchen to get things started. In the middle of slicing a tomato, I remember – THE BILL. Ugh. WHY can’t I keep my mind focused?

Have you been there?

I mean, this kind of thing didn’t just happen once. I’m talking about MONTHS of flitting from one thing to the next and wondering why it was just SO HARD to keep my mind on track. All. The. Time. I was truly beginning to wonder if I would ever find my way out of this mental craziness.

The only thing I knew for sure was that there had to be some way to get out of this doom loop and figure out how to actually gain control over my thoughts again. Right? I wasn’t really sure if that was right, but I was choosing to believe it was right because I HAD TO. I needed to know that I could find a peaceful place in my mind.

So I decided to find a meditation book and a nice app for my phone and see if I could create some space in my brain and some peace in my heart.

And guess what?


I took it step by step. I started with just 5 minutes and each week or so would add a little time or try a new technique. I took it slow and gave myself some grace as I cultivated this skill.

Since then, I have shared meditation with students and clients and friends and have seen firsthand when the results cause real transformation! People who were really frustrated with all the mental overload, all of a sudden finding relief from the chaos of untamed thoughts and a new sense of ease in their daily lives.

Do you want to experience this same brilliant breakthrough?

What you will get:

I will take you step by step through a process of learning what meditation is (and isn’t), how to experience the benefits, and we will experiment with a few different methods to find the best fit for YOU.

Are you ready to say yes?

Cultivating Inner Calm is a 4 week course with videos, pdf guide sheets, audio files, and more!

What we will cover:

  • three quick ways to calm your mind RIGHT NOW

  • why adding meditation to your daily routine is one of THE BEST WAYS TO GET GREAT SLEEP

  • what meditation is (and isn’t), and how people have used this technique for centuries to IMPROVE DAILY LIFE EXPERIENCE

  • several tool you can use to create those LITTLE MOMENTS OF CALM even in the busiest of circumstances

  • the benefits of developing a routine to your meditations and HOW TO STICK WITH IT

  • one new style of meditation each week so you can find the best fit for YOU

  • discover your best meditation frequency, whether it’s weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day


We will dive deep on the essentials of meditation and how to make sure it works for you! Be prepared to experience a complete overhaul of how you experience life! You will be astonished how simple it actually is to Cultivate Inner Calm with Meditation!

Are you ready to say yes?

What people are saying:

“Jenn is a rising force of positivity, passion and power. I’ve met so many in my 20 years in wellness and it’s very rare to meet someone with Jenn’s commitment to living her message and helping others live theirs. She is the real deal!”
Dave Romanelli, author of Happy is the New Healthy

“I love her motivation, her sweet spirit and wisdom. She’s onto something you’ll want to check in with daily, weekly, or personally scheduling time with her!”
Nicki Park, Professional Musician & Owner, Northwest Valley Musical Arts

“Jenn makes new ideas and healing modalities very approachable and experiential. She brings great knowledge of these modalities and that creates credibility. Her vulnerability with them adds to my ability to trust them as being potentially valuable to me. Jenn has a low self orientation; she makes it about me and my needs and my questions, and my fears. She puts me first. The end result is high trust.”
Ted Baird, Senior Director of Customer Experience, CloudCoaching International

Are you ready to jump in?

This course is for you if:

  • You have always wanted to try meditation, but weren’t sure where to start

  • You would like to have an anchor-point in your day and life so that you feel like you have a sense of purpose and direction

  • The term inner-calm sounds like fairy tale – too good to be true. But you really want it anyway!

  • You don’t remember the last time you felt centered and grounded

  • You are ready for real change and aren’t afraid of trying some new things to get there

  • You believe you have the power to make a difference in your life

  • You are motivated

This course is *NOT* for you if:

  • You need a 1-on-1 Coach or Therapist, (although I DO offer 1-on-1 coaching and Yoga Therapy)

  • You want someone to save you or “fix it” for you

  • You don’t want to put in any effort to create change

  • You enjoy wallowing in your frustrations

  • You especially enjoy complaining about your directionless life

Are you ready to say yes?

Why should you learn from me?

  • I’ve worked with individuals and groups to bring about positive life-change for over two decades.

  • In the last ten years I’ve added Yoga Therapy and Holistic Coaching to the mix to give you the benefits of thousands of years of ancient wisdom.

  • I not only have the education to back up my experiences, I am also a Senior Master Trainer for the largest Yoga Teacher Training School where I teach other teachers how to deliver these same tools to their own students, clients, and groups.

  • My work and articles on stress, burnout, and yoga have been published in LAYoga Magazine, In&Out Magazine, Phoenix Medical Professionals Magazine and the YogaFit blog.

  • I am passionate about finding creative ways to apply the principles of yoga to people’s lives. My methods may not be typical, but you can count on the fact that they will work!

  • My students and clients love working with me and often refer their friends to work with me too. I help people use holistic tools for everything from physical illness to mental illness to lifestyle management.

  • My passion is working with professionals who have influence over others so that many people can benefit from these techniques. But if this course speaks to you even if your sphere of influence consists more of friends and family, I am super happy for you to join in as well!

Ready to join?


Q: I’m not sure if I’m ready. Will you offer this again?
A: Maybe. This is the first time I have offered this program. It’s certainly possible, just nothing on the calendar right now.

Q: What if I fall behind? Will I be able to catch up later?
A: Yes. All the lessons will be recorded videos and you can watch them anytime within a year of the course.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If you watch every video, complete every worksheet and apply the practices we cover and are not satisfied with your results after the course is complete, you may request a refund.

Q: How is the course delivered?
A: You will receive links to the course videos via weekly email and have the ability to interact and ask questions via email.

Are you ready?