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Intentional New Year’s Fire

I want to be super intentional about 2015.

I know I have likely said this in years past, and probably have forgotten I said it within a few weeks (or even days). But I’d really like to change that this year, once and for all. I recognize that I have lacked making a plan so that I could follow through with success. So, I have taken some steps toward that end this year.

Leonie Dawson workbookA few weeks ago, I ordered a Life+Biz Shining Year workbook from Leonie Dawson. It is truly a beautiful creation with beautiful artwork and it is so well thought out as it guides you through celebrating 2014 and releasing the parts that you are glad to see go and then planning and making goals for 2015. It is divided month to month and is so artistically done that it makes you want to do all the work to put your plan in place. I just love it!

Then the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw a post from Elizabeth Gilbert (who is such an inspiration to me) where she talked about a New Years Day ceremony she does each year to release the previous year and welcome the new.

new years papersnew years fireMy friend Amanda and I were so inspired we decided to create our own ritual this year! So, we talked to our husbands and kids and presented the idea. Not everyone was into it, but those of us who were began making preparations! Here’s the ceremony we created. We wrote the things we want to let go of from 2014 on little pieces of paper and then took them out to the desert and burned them in a clay pot.

new years rocksThen we wrote all the things we hope for in 2015 on small stones and ceremoniously piled them up. We each added our own little flair to it – my husband flung his stones out into the desert and I anointed mine with essential oils.

During the 2014 releasing, I doused my little pieces of paper (and myself) with DigestZen oil so that all the things that no longer serve me could be digested and done away with. After stacking my little stones, I dropped several drops of Elevation oil on them (and me) so that they could elevate into being.

It was such a powerful experience! I really felt like I was able to detach from the parts of 2014 that had been hanging on for too long and I also felt like I was throwing the seeds of my desires for 2015 out to the world so that they can grow and come back to me. This is quite possibly the strongest effort I have ever put into the beginning of a new year. I am hopeful and expectant for the amazing experiences that await me!

So tell me, what do YOU plan to bring into reality during 2015?