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Today this is what I choose!

What's beautiful about your day today?

I must say, it’s been a weird few weeks. Strange days have turned into stranger weeks. So many things have changed, and then other things have oddly remained exactly the same. It’s kind of hard to keep track which is which sometimes! What day is it today anyway?

As the days have turned into weeks, and the weeks are turning into months now for our time of social distancing, in some ways I am feeling better. Calmer. Less anxious. What about you?

On the other hand…

I often hear myself and others saying, “when this is all over…” or “after all this…” or “when things get back to normal…” 

The thing is, these statements carry with them a “waiting” energy. Like, “when this is all over, THEN I can have my real life back.” Or, “after all this, when we get back to our real lives.” Or, “when things get back to normal, and we’re back to real life again.”

But are these statements really true? I mean – what’s happening right now, if not our real lives? Isn’t what’s happening now REAL??? I don’t know about you, but I have been VERY aware of reality these last many weeks! It’s impossible NOT to be aware that there are some very real threats to our health and well-being out there and we must change our habits and interactions to keep each other safe and well. 

In the midst of all this, it can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? It’s easy to see it all as a hardship and focus on all the things that are uncomfortable, or undesirable, or “bad” about our new ways of life. I will argue however, that we still have the most important choice at our disposable – perspective! We can CHOOSE to see today “just another day in isolation” OR another day to celebrate, enjoy, and be in awe and wonder of! 

What do you choose today?

Today I am choosing to see the beauty that is inherent in TODAY, right now. Today has plenty of gifts of its own. I enjoyed a nice run in the cool of the morning. Made myself a berry smoothie. Spent some time stretching and rolling my muscles to care for them. Listened to a great webinar. And that was just the things that happened before lunch!

If I wasn’t choosing to see the beauty though, that narrative would sound completely different! “Another day in isolation. A run all by myself. Another smoothie. Another webinar, since all I have to entertain myself is this computer screen…I can’t wait for life to start back up…” 

But NO! Not today! 

TODAY I choose to see the beauty in every part of my day. I choose to live the beautiful life I have right in front of me rather than waiting around for something that only exists in my imagination! 

Want to add more beauty to your life through meditation? Check out this course I made for you! Cultivate Calm through Meditation: 4 weeks to bring meditation into your life.

3 Tips to Break Through Burnout

Have you had a rough day or week? Worse yet, have the last few weeks blurred from one bad day to the next?

What’s really going on here?

There are quite a few possibilities. Thankfully, many are benign. Maybe you:

  • had a poor night’s sleep
  • argued with a co-worker
  • overslept and missed breakfast
  • worked a double shift and now you’re tired

If it’s one of these, no worries. An early night to bed, a nice walk, or a cup of coffee with a friend may be all you need to feel like yourself again.

But how do you keep it from turning into something more serious – like burnout?

When you get in that downward-spiral of worry, irritation, or frustration, things tend to get progressively worse. One negative thought leads to the next, and before you know it, it seems like all is lost. 

One of the most effective ways to prevent a pitfall is to make a mental shift. The first question to ask yourself is – “What am I thinking about?” If your thoughts are not beneficial, you have an important choice to make. Choose to continue down this path of despair, OR, change your thoughts. 

Rather watch? Check out this video!

It’s not easy to shift from, “Woe is me” to, “Wow, my life is awesome.” So I would like to offer a few suggestions:

1. Cultivate awareness. 

This is a great way to make an immediate change out of the negative doom-loop. Notice yourself walking down the hallway. Feel your feet in your shoes. Pay attention to the pen in your hand. Appreciate the color of the paint on the walls. Take 20 seconds to look out the window and enjoy it. 

If you’re ready for more, try this:

2. Recognize your inner dialogue and replace it with something more beneficial. 

Don’t take the easy way out here! It’s all-too-easy to replace, “This job is eating my soul for lunch” with, “It’s all good” but still live in denial. This one can take some practice, but it’s worth it! What if “This job is eating my soul for lunch” became, “Helping people is why I chose this line of work. It’s not always easy, but it fills me with joy when someone is able to create a better life.” 

Do you have a few minutes before your next appointment? If so, this next exercise can work wonders! 

3. A simple breathing practice to energize and uplift!

Sit, stand or lie down. Inhale for the count of 4. Pause for 2. Exhale for 4. Pause for 2. Repeat 3-10 times. Do this with a robust breath! Really give it your all! You want a deep inhale and exhale to exchange lots of oxygen and utilize mental effort. This will take your mind off your previous thought pattern AND create a revitalizing energy in your body! 

Preventing burnout is something you can do each and every day. Being aware and healthy sets the stage for being burnout-free. Give these tips a try and notice the results. 

Breathing for Busy Professionals

It’s easy to completely underestimate how vital breathing is to our well-being. Sure, we do it all day, every day. But how often do you take a few minutes to breath on purpose? In this video, I share some great info on how breathing affects us. Also, I share three great breathing exercises you can use starting today.

Burnout Prevention Strategy

We recently talked about recognizing your first clue that overwhelm is coming on. You know, that thing that happens *just before* you slide down the slope of, “Oh my gosh! I can’t take it anymore.”

When you recognize that clue and use a tool to prevent the feeling overwhelm, burnout, and “I’m going crazy!” you set yourself up for prolonged success.

One of the tools that is the most effective in preventing that feeling of chaos and too-much-busy-ness is super simple. And when you use it, you can let go of the craziness of the day. Want to know what it is?

It’s gratitude.

I know. It sounds too easy. And maybe even overdone. But it’s true. When you take the time to express gratitude for the people in your life and the small successes throughout the day, it really does change the way you perceive what’s happening to you. It even gives you the extra boost you may need to make it through what may be a truly challenging day.

When you take the time to acknowledge and celebrate throughout the day, for yourself and those around you, you set the stage for an improved experience and outlook. Simply pausing to enjoy the moment changes how you feel inside. When someone you work or live with does something well, tell them! You will both feel so happy inside!

What’s your first clue?

I have a question for you – what is your first clue that overwhelm is coming on? What is the first things you notice when there’s too many things to do, when too many people are calling for your attention.

Do you reach for another cup of coffee? Maybe you over-schedule yourself so you have an excuse for why you haven’t gotten things done. Or do you get short in your interactions with family, friends, co-workers, bosses or subordinates? If you hear things coming out of your mouth that are too pointed or that illicit shocked facial expressions from the person you’re talking to – this may be your clue!

My voice gets all froggy

I know when I haven’t had enough rest, my voice gets all froggy. And if I’m not rested, I am well on my way to overwhelm.

So if you’re not sure what YOUR first clue is, start to pay attention. Notice how you act when you feel happy. Then notice how you act when the emails are stacking up. And then, notice what happens *just before* your behavior changes. THIS is your clue!

When you know what your first clue is, you are well on your way to solving your overwhelm! Knowing really is half the battle! Once you recognize your first clue that overwhelm is coming, you can take a step back *before* it gets too far and make some changes. Maybe you need an earlier bedtime tonight so you feel rested tomorrow. Perhaps you need to schedule an afternoon off or a massage so you can spend some time with a deeper reset.


If you’d like to get some tools for overcoming overwhelm in the moment, get my pdf guide, Freedom from Frenzy. And if you’d like to back it up even more and learn how to stop overwhelm and frenzy before they even start, I invite you to email me to learn how we can work together to create your custom plan for developing mind-body awareness and lifestyle excellence so you can live and lead with a deep sense of inner tranquility.

When the frenzy of the work day presses in

It’s super common to get into the middle of a well-planned day and all of a sudden you have emails and IMs pinging in from every direction. Maybe your boss or a contractor is demanding you immediate attention.

Stress starts to mount, right?

Phone calls. Stress. Deadlines. Everything starts to get kind of overwhelming.

You may find yourself pouring a second (or fifth) cup of coffee. Or perhaps you decide to skip lunch (or eat in the car between appointments) to try to get more done. You simply have too much to do and you have to do *something* to make up for lost time.

But this is not the way to REALLY find freedom from the frenzy.

It may seem right in the moment. Get a cup of coffee. Plow through lunch. Work later.

But no.

Trust me. It’s not the way.

The way to find freedom from the frenzy in the middle of the day is to push the pause button.

Yes, it seems beyond counter-intuitive to stop when there’s so much to do. But I promise it works.

If you’re feeling frenzy in the middle of this day, I invite you to push pause. There can be a variety of ways to do this, and if you already know what works for you, do it!

I have one tool I’d like to share with you today. It’s simply managing the breath. I love this tool because you ALWAYS have it with you! You don’t need any special tool. You don’t need a yoga mat. You don’t need workout clothes or perfect weather.

You can manage your breath at your desk, on the stage, on the playing field, in traffic, in a meeting, at home. It works EVERYWHERE!

Here’s the technique:

  • Focus on the breath and slow it down
  • Inhale  1-2-3-4
  • Pause 1-2
  • Exhale 1-2-3-4
  • Pause 1-2

Hopefully you feel better already! You can use this technique anytime, anywhere, and no one even knows you’re using it but YOU! As you use it, you build a new tranquil mind and create freedom from the frenzy of the day.

Get my free pdf guide for even more tools to take back YOUR day, or book a Discovery Call to explore personal coaching options to create your tranquil mind and life!

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Yoga During Health Education Week: Solutions for Mesothelioma Patients

Between October 15th and 19th, the nation is focusing on Health Education Week 2018. Our minds and bodies are linked in many ways that are still being defined. Every person can have a pathway to better health through yoga, including mesothelioma patients. Because this rare cancer of the lung lining can be incredibly debilitating, yoga offers several answers for a better quality of life. The following practices are shared with mesothelioma in mind. However, these are great practices for anyone dealing with a challenging illness, like cancer.

Putting You in the Moment

The human mind tends to ruminate on the past and future. Thinking about the present isn’t always a priority. Yoga helps patients with terminal cancer by putting them in the present. Feeling their bodies stretch and relax is important for both mental and physiological improvements.

There’s nothing to truly worry about in the present. The focus is on moving the body into certain positions. Mesothelioma patients need this reprieve so that they can deal with life after the yoga session.

Encouraging Deep Breathing

One of the most basic moves in the yoga world is breathing deeply. Most people, including cancer patients, breathe with a shallow inhalation. Bringing more air into the lungs allows extra oxygen to reach the tissues. Cancer patients need as many nutrients as possible in their bodies. Therefore, transporting oxygen and other nutrients to tissues can make a difference in prognoses and outlook on life.

Fighting Fatigue and Creating Quality Rest

According to the Oncology Nursing News, yoga encourages rest in the evening and fewer worries during the day. No other medicine or activity can boast both of these benefits together.

Yoga stimulates the entire body. Patients feel elated after the workout. Additionally, patients enjoy good feelings and an energetic mind the rest of the day. As this sensation declines, the body feels tired. Patients typically enjoy a deep rest so they can tackle tomorrow’s challenges with more energy.

Increasing Flexibility

Patients dealing with mesothelioma have a tightness in their chest. This can translate into limited movements among the limbs. Yoga classes with teachers who are experts in their field can help patients with their flexibility issues, states the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. These professionals know how to move the body so that no detrimental effects occur as a result of the movements. Flexibility returns to the body after only a few sessions.

Supporting the Mental Side of Life

Feeling down during a fight with cancer is understandable. Participants can fly with their minds and bodies through yoga, however. When participants move their bodies into achievable positions, they feel good on a mental level. The body naturally releases good hormones, which leads to happier times.

When the mind isn’t supported by a positive outlook, both physical and mental decline are possible.

Finally, fighting off negative emotions, including depression, is an important facet of yoga training, reports Psychology Today. This activity has dozens of benefits that should be explored by mesothelioma patients. As patients look for alternative ways to improve their lives, keep Health Education Week in mind. A better tomorrow is in store for everyone who tries something different.

Do you react or respond? Leadership Lessons from Kung Fu Panda

react or respond

Yes. I know it’s an animated movie! But I must say, TONS of life lessons can be learned from kids’ movies. For instance, some of life’s greatest lessons about friendship, teamwork and parenting are in Finding Nemo!

Kung Fu Panda is no different!

Po (the panda) is like many of us. He’s not sure how he fits in his world and seems to make poor choices more often than not. For SURE, he hasn’t stepped into his own greatness.

In what seems like an undeniable mistake of the universe, Po is chosen the Dragon Warrior, meant to defeat the evil Tai Lung. This is laughable to many and infuriating to those who have been training a lifetime for the possibility to have the honor.

Once it becomes clear that an attack from Tai Lung is imminent, Oogway, the wise Master (the turtle), calls for his student, Shifu. Upon hearing the news of Tai Lung’s attack, Shifu panics and begins barking orders to attempt to prevent the threat. He is reacting from a place of inner-chaos, fear, and agitation. Oogway, however,  is not upset. He lives, leads, and responds from a deep, inner quiet. He tells Shifu, “Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. (Oogway then gently touches the surface of the water with his staff, calming the ripples) But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”

Oh the wisdom!

This particular lesson is so valuable for high-performing leaders, professionals and influencers.

Do you react or respond?

When we react to the threat, whether it is a deadline, a rival business, a tech system meltdown, a rogue employee, or any number of other things that can come our way, our minds are like Shifu – agitated, and it is difficult to see clearly.


When we choose instead to respond – pull back, take a look at our mind and emotions and gently settle ripples (or full-blown oceanic waves), the answer becomes clear!

Would you like to know HOW to turn the chaos and agitation into a deep inner calm?

Would you like to see how leading from a place of stillness can uncover the leader in you who leads with a deeper sense of your innate inner-wisdom?

Message me to begin your journey of learning to settle the waters of your mind and emotions so you, too, can see the answers clearly. You’ll learn to use simple, yet effective techniques to calm your mind. Become the stealth, wise influencer you know you can be!