Spring cleaning – break the cravings!

Spring into Balance

Spring is here! At least in Phoenix, AZ. And we all know what that means –


Time to clean out the garage and storage areas before it gets to be 110 degrees outside!

I got a little jump start on the garage this year. I was feeling kind of restless one extra balmy Saturday a few weekends ago and decided that I couldn’t stand looking at the mess for one more minute. So I rearranged and cleaned to my heart’s content. It looks AWESOME now! Everything in its place.


My next order of business in the Spring Cleaning department has nothing to do with the garage or even the house though. Know what it is? My gut. Yep. Time to do a little digestive reset. The heaviness of holiday foods and comfort foods of winter are on their way out and I can tell my digestion would really appreciate a little Spring Cleaning of its own.

How about you?

Purium - Spring Cleaning for your gut!Would your body say THANK YOU if you took a few days to clean out the cheese dip from the Super Bowl and gave it the boost of greens and water that it needs?

If so, let’s do it together!

I’m starting a cleanse next week and would love to do it together so we can give each other lots of awesome support! How about you?

If you’re thinking YES then email me right now!

If you’re thinking, I dunno…..maybe….then email me RIGHT NOW!

We can break those sugar cravings in just a few days and get rid of lingering holiday pounds all at the same time!

What’s even cooler is that I can get you a $50 discount on your first order! Woo hoo! It doesn’t get better than that!

Transformation can have a lot of different faces and transforming how our body processes and craves food is a big one for setting the stage for us to be and feel our best!

Who’s in?