Are you scared?

Hey there, Dragonflies!

I am recently back from vacation and feeling all refreshed and ready to jump back into the routine of school (I have two High Schoolers) and work. While I was gone, I did some thinking and realized some things about myself. I wonder if you ever feel this way too?

Do you ever get scared of being successful? Do you sometimes think it’s just easier to stay with things the way they are and not rock the boat with some fancy new idea?

I do.

When I started this blog almost a year ago (A YEAR AGO?!?!) and the Facebook page (, I was on fire! I was all about getting it started and taking some steps that I have never taken before and it was a little scary, but SO EXCITING, and I was having so much fun meeting everyone. But somewhere along the way, I let the scary feelings overtake the exciting feelings and while still taking steps forward all the time, I started kind of letting stuff get in the way of massive progress.


Because I got scared.

What was I so scared of?

Being successful.


Why would I be scared of THAT???

Here’s what I decided it is for me: I got scared because of all the “what ifs?” What would happen if something comes up I don’t know how to handle? Or What do I do if all these people are looking to me to provide encouragement for iridescent amazingness in their lives and I don’t (or can’t) give it to them? What happens if this things gets really big and I don’t know how to keep up with it?

Well guess what?

There are thousands of “what ifs” in life. They aren’t going to stop, no matter what we do!

So, is it possible that something may come up that I don’t know how to handle? Well, of COURSE! It’s even imminent! Is it possible that I might not be able to live up to someone’s expectations? Yep. I can almost certainly guarantee it. Is it possible that at some point I will not know how to keep up with what’s happening in this business. Certainly.

Is it possible that it will be scary to keep moving forward and living as iridescently as possible?

It is an absolute!

So, what to do?

Live in full-color amazingness anyway!

Live YOURfull-color AMAZINGNESS!What if the blind painter had thought it was impossible to paint since he can’t see? Well, we wouldn’t have this:

What if those high school basketball players hadn’t embraced their teammate with special needs? We wouldn’t have this heart-warming story.

What if the 30 year-old Jake Weidemann hadn’t followed his love of penmanship and become a Master Penman, when the next youngest person with this title is 30 years OLDER than Jake? We wouldn’t have his beautiful art.

And what if I hadn’t followed my dream to provide a place for people to discover ways to create space for their own full-color amazingness? In just one year’s time, the stories you all have shared with me have BLOWN ME AWAY! I am so humbled and honored to be a part of your journeys and to share yours with you.

And what about YOU, Dragonfly? What have you done even though it’s scary? What do you want to even though it seems frightening?