Hi, I’m Jenn. . .

jenn_8838b_optjenn_8838b_optjenn_8838b_optMy name is Jenn Tarrant and I believe that we all have the capacity to create meaningful changes that transform our lives into something we truly love. Sometimes that seems nearly impossible and you may find you’re lacking the tools you need, or find you’d like to freshen them up. This is totally do-able! It seems that all-too-often our life experience has to do with HOW we perceive it, rather than WHAT is actually happening. I have found that you can completely change the way you experience life with some adjustments to daily practices and routines.

My mission is to guide high-performing professionals to take charge of overwhelm and internal chaos so they can start loving the life they live — everyday. Through yoga therapy, mind/body awareness and Ayurvedic coaching, I help clients cultivate inner tranquility so they can transform their lives and live with ease and intention.