A yummy meditation

The other day, my daughter and I were at the grocery store picking up a few things for dinner. We were talking about school and telling stories from the day.

I had no idea she was about to dump a profound nugget in my lap.

She asked if I would buy her some chocolate. (That’s my girl!)

“Why do you want chocolate?” (A question that needs no answer, really.)

“Because nothing is really happening today, and I want chocolate so I have something to look forward to. My friend Andi says that she leaves chocolate on her nightstand everyday so that even if the day turns out bad, she still has something to look forward to.”

From the mouths of babes.

Here’s what I love about that (even more than the girl’s connection with the food of the gods) – Andi has created for herself a yummy nightly meditation. Something that she knows will end the day on a positive note. Every. Single. Day.

Now, I am completely down with any meditation of a chocolate variety. But it’s totally cool if something else speaks to you. It could be a guided meditation, a nature sounds app on your phone, a warm bath or a nightly cup of chamomile tea that makes the perfect ending to your day.

What I know is this: when I take the time and effort to put a mindfulness or yummy meditation practice in my morning and evening routines, my outlook is better, my disposition is better, and I think my friends and family enjoy my company a little more, too.

What is it that creates that soothing ending to your day?