UNDERachieving, accomplished!

We have a bit of an obsession in our culture. It’s called overachieving. And we have grown to believe deep, deep down that if we are not OVERachieving, we are not achieving anything at all.

Why do I know this? Because I do it.   All.   The.   Time.

Those closest to me (and probably anyone within a 53 mile radius) can attest to the sad-but-true fact that I cannot seem to slow down EVER. Despite my best efforts and telling myself little-white-lies about how I didn’t really do THAT much today, I am an obsessive over-achiever with the best of ’em.

So, I decided to try something new…UNDERachieving. Yep, for the past six weeks it has been my sole purpose to figure out what it means to be bored. Scheduling as little as possible and even SITTING ON THE COUCH!!!! (Hence the lack of posts here of late…)

Did I do it? Well, yes and no. As I look back, I see days when I have no idea what I did because it was certainly nothing measurable! But I also look back and see that I still did a fair amount of over-scheduling, I went on a whirlwind trip to New Orleans for 5 days, and last week I had something on the schedule –   every.   single.   day.

So, um…why do I say I accomplished the goal? Because I was aware. Because I DID change some of my frenetic habits. Because I spent some of those days releasing clutter from my life (thank you Beth Shaw and YogaLean for the prompt on this one!). Because I returned to my practice of sitting in meditation twice a day. Because I made a concentrated effort to actually experience my experiences (thanks Ron Martoia). And because I came out of denial and owned my overachieving craziness and decided to LOVE MYSELF ANYWAY! And, I think that last little bit on self-love actually released some of my need to overdo it all the time.

UNDERacheiving, accomplished!

Here’s a challenge – try it for yourself. Maybe you don’t have the luxury of taking a six-week trial or don’t want to, but set a time that works for you and explore what it looks and feels like to do less, and sit more, and watch the clouds roll by (it’s called practicing awareness). It’s pretty amazing what we see when we take the time to release the need for achieving. I’d love to hear what happens! Leave a comment below or email me!