Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here in the US, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. A day of gratitude for making it through the year, including all its joys and hardships.

As I sit back and reflect on life right now, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

It began this morning in the yoga class I was teaching where we focused all our mental energy on gratitude – even in the hard poses, even in the uncomfortable poses. And as those who came thanked me for leading the class, I was overflowing with gratitude for them, because they bring such light and beauty to my life every Monday and Wednesday morning.

Then I went by my chiropractor’s office to deliver homemade pumpkin bread to the chiropractor who has served me and my family for a decade (or more) as he and his family move off to their new adventure. Then I also gave one to the awesome woman at the front desk who helps us schedule appointments and make payments, but who has also been our friend for 15 years. And, to say thank you to the new chiropractor who has already earned my respect as he helped me recover from a car accident back in August, I gave him one as well.

After that I came home to continue my Ayurveda homework for the certification I am working on and had a feedback email from Kathryn, my teacher from the YogaFit Ayurveda program. She has sent me her gentle guidance about things that I am doing well and things I can improve on to bring my body into the healthiest state possible. Her input is truly changing my life and my habits. And I am so grateful.

jenn by the fireNow I am sitting at my desk writing a blog to you – my Dragonflies. It has been a little over a year that we’ve been hanging out talking about inner transformation using stones (crystals), meditation, essential oils, self-care, and yoga. And every day, I get to do what I love. Sharing the journey with you all and working out ways to move forward on the path together. I can’t imagine any else I’d rather do. Honestly.

So, during this week of gratitude, what are you thankful for?

I’d actually like to know – so email me and tell me your story!