When rain on your parade is the best thing ever!

My fam and I just went on a mini vacation. Five fast days. We went from Phoenix to San Francisco (by plane). Next, we went on to Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. We then finished up the trip in Los Angeles before heading home.

It was awesome!

largest tree in the world, in the rainOur vacation, which was originally scheduled for August got bumped a couple times due to circumstances beyond our control. So, by the end of October, we were MORE than ready to get out of town for a few days.

You know how it gets. After too many months of the daily grind, you really need to take some time to be away from the demands of life and spend time with family, or even by yourself. I’m sure my family and friends would testify if I asked them to – over the last few weeks, I’ve been more tired and perhaps a little cranky too.

Anyway, we were off on our adventure and the first two days had perfect weather. Cool enough to pull out something besides tank tops and flip flops (we are desert dwellers, you know), but not so cold that we were miserable. I was thinking that the entire trip was going to be smooth sailing weather-wise.

But no.

general-sherman-treeOn day three, it started to rain. A lot. Lots of rain. We were driving in to the Sequoia National Park to see those indescribably huge trees, and we could barely see far enough in front of the car to drive safely in! I was concerned that the day was a bust. No one was going to have fun. I love our kids, but if Thing One gets wet feet or Thing Two gets too cold, it’s all over. I was understandably concerned.

Well, bless the people who order merchandise at the Museum Shop, because THEY HAD RAIN PONCHOS! Even if those things had been $20 a piece, it wouldn’t have mattered – we would have been buying them to ensure fun was had by all! We bought four of those little ponchos and put them on as soon as we got to the car.

The thought did cross my mind that someone among us might not have been too happy about the color or bulkiness or SOMETHING. But, against all odds, EVERYONE in the car was happy about these bright blue blobs of awesomeness!

We may have somewhat resembled huge blueberries…

my family in rain ponchosBut, what can we say? We were the cutest family of blueberries you’ve ever seen!blueberry-family

Want to know what’s even better?

A simple, small act of caring for ourselves made all the difference. We would have survived if we hadn’t gotten the ponchos. We all had dry clothes to change into. But we would have been miserable. We probably would have been shivering from the cold. And, guaranteed we wouldn’t have lingered long enough to truly enjoy the beauty of these trees that are thousands of years old. Did it cost us a few extra dollars? Sure. But the comfort we experienced and the memories we made were priceless!

And that’s how it is with self-care.

Does it cost us something up front? Sure. Sometimes the cost is in dollars and sometimes the cost is in time. But no matter what it is, almost every single time, it IS worth it! When we take the time to really care for ourselves and make that investment, not only do we gain the benefit of the investment, we also send a super strong message to ourselves that we are WORTH that investment. And that message, my friends, goes a long, long way!