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Hi, I’m Jenn . . .

. . .Your Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I have spent the last 20+ years working with people of all kinds – colleagues, business owners, stay-at-home moms / dads, and retirees. I use a holistic approach, taking your mind, body, emotions, and inner wisdom into account to achieve truly transformational results. Using the best information that current research provides combined with the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation, I help you discover your own inner-tranquility (yes, you do have inner tranquility deep down inside) while dramatically improving your outer life experience. Imagine feeling like each day moves smoothly and easily and you KNOW how to navigate whatever life throws at you!

Is Holistic Coaching for you?

Whether you are a CEO, or a small business owner; ready to uncover your life’s purpose, or looking to balance work life with family and friends; you can benefit from Holistic Coaching. Through our sessions together, you can overcome overwhelm, break through burnout, and find freedom from frenzy!

How do I help you get these results?

I take YOU into consideration. I help you understand your whole self, and with this understanding I can help you navigate everything from the best way to get your morning off to a great start, to how you can make that transition into your new career with ease.

Are you ready to have someone in your corner?

Together we will create personal routines that are perfect for YOU and learn how to navigate life’s challenges so you can participate enthusiastically in your life all day and sleep peacefully at night!
It has been my joy and honor to work with people for over twenty years developing customized lifestyle plans to navigate whatever life brings – launching into a new career, ongoing recovery from trauma, grief over loss of a loved one, rediscovering joy for life, entering parenthood, and so much more! I have worked with professionals, stay-at-home moms/dads, retirees, and even other lifestyle coaches! And I can’t wait to get started working together with you!

“A holistic, lifestyle-based approach can mean reduced overwhelm and increased peace-of-mind.”

Reasons to work with me:

  • you’re overwhelmed with work and life
  • stress and anxiety seem to be in charge
  • you work and work, but true productivity is elusive
  • you’re on the verge, or over the edge of burnout
  • sleep is just a dream because your mind is racing all night long
  • you’re interested in learning more about your body and how that affects everything!
  • you want someone who truly listens to what you’re saying and has the tools to help you get to the root of the problem – no bandaids, just results!

What you can expect from working with me…

  • reduced anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • early recognition of oncoming overwhelm
  • trauma-sensitive approach and tools
  • effective prevention of burnout
  • daily and weekly routines that truly work for you
  • strong understanding of your body type and how that affects everything
  • simple tools to rescue any day
  • techniques backed by current neuroscience
  • activities that actually rejuvenate you
  • a truly collaborative effort

You should know this…

I don’t use traditional methods! You won’t find cut-and-dried solutions here.
I use a holistic approach to create immediately effective and long-term results. Our work will have some amazing tools to use right away – many of my clients have professed that they are able to sleep better after just one session! And we’ll also develop tools and strategies that take some time to master. Because some things simply take a little more time to do well and realize the benefits.
One of my clients was able to effectively halt her debilitating panic attacks with techniques we developed just for her and practiced together. We had only worked together for about three weeks when she had her first (of many) successful experiences of stopping panic in its tracks.
Another client found that the challenges from his professional travel were greatly reduced by adding the use of a very simple tool. His travel-related illness took a nose-dive, and his sleep improved dramatically all with the use of one tool!

Some of the methods and techniques I use include:

  • YOGA – Yoga can be helpful to address everything from body aches and pains, to stress relief, to reducing blood pressure. You don’t have to have fancy tights, or a perfect pony tail, or even leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the benefits. I will create a personal practice that fits YOUR lifestyle and your schedule!
  • MEDITATION – Even if you’ve never meditated – or are scared to try – I can help you find that stillness with some simple tips to help you get started. The first step is to forget what you think meditation is! After this first step is out of the way, the rest gets easier. I promise! We’ll walk through the process together and sooner than later you’ll likely find you can do it on your own.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS – If you haven’t tried the amazing benefits of essential oils yet, you may really be surprised! Not only do essential oils smell amazing (well, except for the ones that don’t – but we won’t use those!), they can support better breathing, help heal a cut, and even support mood elevation!
  • AYURVEDA – What? Yes. Ayurveda. It’s the sister science to yoga and is the master-mind behind how I help you better understand your own body and how to structure your day so that it’s best for YOU! Studying Ayurveda was one of those things that felt like it explained EVERYTHING! And I think it can do that for you too!
  • MOVEMENT-BASED TRAUMA RELEASE – Whether we realize it or not, most everyone everyone on the planet has experienced a trauma of some sort. Sometimes it passes through us with time, and other times it gets stuck in our body and we experience flashbacks or triggers. Movement-based therapy has been shown to be super effective in reducing these symptoms, and I have found this to be true with my own clients.

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What people are saying about working with Jenn:

“Jenn makes new ideas and healing modalities very approachable and experiential. She brings great knowledge of these modalities and that creates credibility. Her vulnerability with them adds to my ability to trust them as being potentially valuable to me. Jenn has a low self orientation; she makes it about me and my needs and my questions, and my fears. She puts me first. The end result is high trust.”
~Ted Baird, Senior Director of Customer Experience, CloudCoaching International
“Jenn is a rising force of positivity, passion and power. I’ve met so many in my 20 years in wellness and it’s very rare to meet someone with Jenn’s commitment to living her message and helping others live theirs. She is the real deal!”
~Dave Romanelli, Author and Speaker
“While I’m still exploring my new practice, everything I’ve tried so far has been like opening little windows into finding answers to me personal needs. . .I feel more balanced, have more energy, and sleep better any day I am in line with my natural rhythm. The results encourage me to keep up with it and continue to make adjustments. I’m realizing each step is well worth it for my long-term wellness!”
~Krystal Mejia-Perez, Operations Analyst

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“But, but, but…”

Feeling like you don’t have time for personal coaching? Or like you don’t have the space in your budget? Or perhaps you’re nervous about trying new techniques? Maybe you’re not sure if this is the “right time” for you?
Don’t worry! Your first 30-minute session is absolutely free! We’ll breakdown your top concern and I’ll give you all the tools I can in that time. Of course, if you think another session, or even a few sessions, would be helpful, you can schedule them right away. But if 30 minutes is all you need, that’s ok too! My biggest desire is simply to help people by passing along all the things I’ve learned. Set up your call today. 

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Expert Certification

  • C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist: using yoga tools for everything from relieving symptoms of PTSD, to recovering from a recent surgery
  • 500ERYT Experienced Yoga Teacher: over 5000 hours teaching experience
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach: using the ancient wisdom of India to understand how body-types and seasons affect every aspect of life
  • Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide: providing high level education for aspiring yoga teachers

Featured in:

  • LAYoga Magazine

  • Medical Professionals Phoenix Magazine

  • YogaFit blog

  • In&Out Magazine

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