Is meditation for you?

I remember the first several times I sat down to meditate. It was painful. Excruciatingly painful. It was so bad, I distinctly remember my husband saying that I didn’t look at all peaceful, but more like I was completely stressed out. sigh. So, to say it didn’t come naturally to me would be something of an understatement.

I kept at it though. I dutifully sat down and spent around 20 minutes at a time doing my best to release the relentless stream of thoughts that barraged through my mind and to find that ever-elusive calm, peaceful center. I’ll pause here to say, it’s a good thing I have un-ending patience. Because I think it took me about 5 months (or maybe even more) to ever experience anything that even remotely resembled peace or calm.

Have you experienced any challenges with meditation?

For the longest, I refused to try a guided meditation. There were two reasons – first, I worried that someone would lead me somewhere I didn’t want to go and second, I thought it was sort of cheating to hit the play button. I wanted to be all purist about the meditation thing, and for whatever reason, that meant no guided meditations to me. But the most amazing thing happened when I finally DID hit the play button. I stopped TRYING so stinking hard. I relaxed into the soothing music and the soft voice guiding me to a place of calm in my mind I didn’t even know existed! It was AMAZING!

If you’ve been in the meditation world very long, you know that there are at least a gazillion types of meditation out there. Which is pretty cool because you can find the style that works for you. It can also be somewhat overwhelming to find that perfect fit when there are so many choices out there.

Here’s my two-cents’ worth of advice: pick one type of meditation to start with and give it a good month before moving on to any other type. This will give you enough experience with a particular meditation to know if it has the desired effects. Practice it every day. Yes – every day. The most notable benefits happen when you engage the meditation regularly. It’s like exercise. you wouldn’t go to the gym one time and then say it didn’t work for you. Who would know? Ya gotta go every day (or a few times a week, anyway) to know if there are benefits or not. Remember, it’s a PRACTICE! No one becomes a master of meditation the first time they sit down. It will take many times sitting down to realize benefits and many more than that to create that place where you can sit and meditation instantly calms and centers you.

With all that said, I made something for you guys. It’s a guided meditation! This one is a balancing meditation. I am really excited to have them available for you. I hope you enjoy it!