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Do you love providing wellness opportunities for your employees?

While having an on-site fitness center and healthier choices in the cafeteria are steps in the right direction, many employees would greatly benefit from something more. Most employees would find great value from tools to reduce stress and anxiety. Do you have employees that often take work home with them and work late into the night? You may be surprised to learn how many employees deal poorly with the effects of overworking. This may sound minor, but did you know that chronic fatigue often leads to high blood pressure and obesity? Are you aware that employees who suffer from recurring pain associated with desk-work are less productive, less engaged in the company culture, and are prone to more serious concerns like depression and major illness?

“Inner transformation dramatically improves outer performance.”

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“A holistic approach can mean less visits to the doctor.”

Imagine. . .

  • Your employees being equipped with tools to reduce stress and anxiety BEFORE they lose their cool in a meeting!
  • Your hardest-working professionals knowing how to PREVENT fatigue instead of just dealing with it, or worse, bombing the next big presentation because they’re exhausted.
  • Your in-office workers knowing how and when to pause for 2 minutes of stretching that allows them to be pain-free all day!

Hi, I’m Jenn . . .

I have spent the last 10+ years working with leaders and influencers of all kinds. Not one to follow conventional methods, I use a holistic approach to achieve truly transformational results. Using the best information that current research provides combined with the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation, I guide professionals in many disciplines to discover their own inner-tranquility while  dramatically improving their outer performance. Take the leap and find out for yourself. 

Sure, many employee concerns can be “fixed” quickly and easily with a prescription. But that leaves employees dependent on regular doctor visits and check-ups for concerns that may be more efficiently and comprehensively addressed with a lifestyle change, or a better understanding of how to navigate particular situations proactively.

You’ll be a step ahead

A growing percentage of the population is looking for more holistic ways to treat and prevent their illnesses and pain points, and create a more sustainable lifestyle. When your company offers this approach as part of your on-site Wellness Program, you are a step ahead of the game. Employees will seek you out because your benefits are truly beneficial!

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What people are saying about working with Jenn:

“Jenn makes new ideas and healing modalities very approachable and experiential. She brings great knowledge of these modalities and that creates credibility. Her vulnerability with them adds to my ability to trust them as being potentially valuable to me. Jenn has a low self orientation; she makes it about me and my needs and my questions, and my fears. She puts me first. The end result is high trust.”
~Ted Baird, Senior Director of Customer Experience, CloudCoaching International

“Jenn is a rising force of positivity, passion and power. I’ve met so many in my 20 years in wellness and it’s very rare to meet someone with Jenn’s commitment to living her message and helping others live theirs. She is the real deal!”
~Dave Romanelli, Author and Speaker

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What you can expect…

Some people are all about non-conventional methods and holistic solutions already. But what about everyone else? To help everyone better understand the “why” behind the holistic approach, I diligently share the most current research showing undeniable positive results. It is a high value to me that my presentations are as trustworthy as they are enjoyable and valuable.

I cater Workshop formats to your particular needs. Choose from one-hour sessions, multi-part ongoing wellness series, or anything in between.

Common workshop topics include:

  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety:  Tried and true Breathing Techniques calm mind and body. Employees with less stress work more efficiently!
  • Bedtime Breakthrough: How to drastically improve employee productivity with better sleep routines.
  • Get BACK in Action: A beginning level stretching and strengthening class that specifically addresses body aches and pains common to desk workers. Less pain means employees miss less work.
  • Custom workshop for you! Let me know your biggest company-wide challenges and I will create a workshop just for you using holistic tools

Not sure where to start? No need to worry – I can help you identify the most valuable on-site experience for your company and employees.

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Expert Certification

  • C-IAYT: Certified Yoga Therapist
  • 500ERYT: Yoga Teacher with well over 5000 hours teaching experience
  • Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit: providing high level education for aspiring teachers
  • YACEP: Continuing Education Provider for the Yoga Alliance

Featured in

  • LAYoga Magazine
  • YogaFit blog
  • In&Out Magazine
  • Phoenix Medical Professionals Magazine

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