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My lovey

My daughter is so tender-hearted and loving and brings me joy every day. I have always called her my Lovey.

Kids have loveys, too – stuffed animals, pacifiers or blankets that bring them comfort and soothe them in stressful situations.

But it’s not jut moms and kiddos that have (or even need) loveys! Sometimes having that item of comfort helps us re-center and connect to our deeper self and soothe our soul.

This may sound odd, but if you think about it, you totally know what I’m talking about! Have a favorite sweater? How about your coffee mug? Maybe it’s your pen or special notebook or lap blanket or even a favorite movie you’ve seen a zillion-and-five times. It can also be things like your yoga practice, or running, or taking a long walk by yourself – I LOVE those!

The point is, we find comfort in certain things. And recognizing this is good.

It’s all grey and rainy in Phoenix today. This is a rare thing here in the Valley of the Sun. And it’s wonderful! And, it also makes me want to snuggle up and be comfortable – full of comfort. Today, it’s going to be my ultra-soft fleece jacket. It’s just one simple way to care for myself.

As the rain nurtures the earth, I will take it as a cue to nurture myself. A little extra kindness. A little extra grace. A little extra love.

It’s time for FALL cleaning! Wait…what?

It’s time for FALL cleaning! Yes, I said what I meant – FALL cleaning! Here in the Grand Canyon State (Arizona, in case that little bit of info escaped somewhere) summer can be REALLY hot and so we either stay inside to avoid it at all costs or get out there in our bikinis and slather on the (organic) sunscreen and make the most of it. I actually happen to LOVE the temps the hotter they get (strange, but true), but even my desert-loving self doesn’t do a lot of deep cleaning in the summer and certainly NO clutter control. It’s just too darn hot.

Well, fall is here and it’s nice enough to open the windows and enjoy the breeze! So, I have been doing a little fall cleaning. What I notice is that when I clear out the space clutter, it also allow me to do a bit of mental and spiritual clutter.

I know this can be kinda overwhelming sometimes, so I have decided to give a step-by-step of how I do it and maybe something will speak to you. AND…if you have a great fall cleaning tip, I’d LOVE to hear it in the comments so I can learn a little something from YOU!

Step 1: JUST START! Don’t spend too much time THINKING about cleaning, that will guarantee that NOTHING will get done but a trip to the mall!

Step 2: Stay with it until it’s clean AND put back together! My tendency is to flit from one room to another and do 1-2 things in each room and then at the end of the day, everything feels KINDA better, but not really. I have learned that I feel SO MUCH BETTER if I just pick a room and do the WHOLE THING until it is done, dusted, and put back together COMPLETELY. My favorite starting place is either my closet or the garage shelves since those two get the least day-to-day attention.

Step 3: Drink WATER! You know how after you get a massage they tell you to drink plenty of water because of all the toxins that just got cleaned out? Well…when we’re fall cleaning, we are ALSO cleaning out all sorts of toxins, so….DRINK WATER (even if you think that sounds totally ridiculous for a reason, and it is admittedly not proven scientifically, drink it anyway. Drinking water is good for you!)

Step 4: When it’s all done, stand back and CELEBRATE! All that work deserves some appreciation! At the very least, take a moment to celebrate by yourself. But I think it makes perfect sense to invite friends and family to take a gander as well!

So, are you ready? Begin with Step 1: JUST START!

Why I quit my job

I used to have this GREAT job. I worked for a small company that provides resources and consulting for nonprofits. I had the privilege of helping create the company and poured my heart and soul into the thing. My boss (and friend) was the BEST at accommodating my crazy schedule with two kiddos and sporadic travel related to my “side gig” and I couldn’t have asked for better work-mates. I tell ya, I LOVED this job!

So why did I quit???

Because I couldn’t stop thinking about YOU.

You see, I have been on this massive transformational journey that has come to into full-color over the last year. I experienced a dragonfly (check that out here), I went to a YogaFit conference that completely blew me away as I learned even more about stones and oils and meditation, and I had some amazing conversations around a fire pit with this guy and his amazing wife ( that helped me frame and shape all the things I was learning. I have stretched. I have grown. I have struggled. I have wrestled. And…

I have come out on the other side ALIVE!

And, as a result, I have learned and experienced so many new things that I just KNEW could have HUGE impact for other people if I could just carve out enough time to tell the story and create the container for some time and space to explore and grow and learn together. But the truth was I just couldn’t get all that done while I was working at my job, no matter how awesome it was. So I quit.

Since then (late June 2014), I have been working to get this site up and running and learn all kinds of cool new stuff about creating a blog people might actually like to read and how to offer retreats and other stuff that would be appealing as well. This has been a fun journey, too. Full of twists and turns and frustrations and joys (as is all of life, right?).

I am planning my first retreat for the spring in Sedona, AZ (a truly gorgeous place) most likely in March and those details will be coming as soon as all the moving pieces are all settled in place and I truly hope you can come join me. We will have a blast!

Thanks for hanging out. I can hardly wait to meet you in person!