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Give me some space!

I love a good podcast! I have about 4 that I listen to on a weekly basis – Big Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert, Learn French by Podcast, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, and The RobCast with Rob Bell. I like them because they are just the right length to learn some great stuff and very portable since they are all on my phone.

Anyway, I was listening to a RobCast this morning. In this podcast, Rob is talking about “The Lost Art.” He is specifically referring to the lost art of creating sermons that matter to people. Not because they are so eloquent, or because they use alliteration in the best way, or even because he made up the funniest joke to illustrate the point. No. What Rob is referring to is the lost art of creating space for people. Space to process loss. Space to wonder. Space to be sorry. Space to feel grace. Space to be connected with other people. Space to experience God.

As I listened to Rob talk about this lost art of creating space, I realized that this space is something I truly long for deep down inside. And I think if we all take a moment to pause and take inventory, we ALL long for this space. Who doesn’t need space in the middle of life to process the experience of life and to connect with God?

And then, as I thought about it some more, I remembered something. I remembered that this deep longing for space is PRECISELY what drove me to create Iridescent Dragonflies in the first place. I wanted and needed space to facilitate my inner transformation. I knew that life was calling me to be more than I am, but I needed space to create that transformation. So – why not create it myself? And I figured if I wanted it and needed it, there must surely be others who want and need the same thing.

And so, about a year ago, Iridescent Dragonflies was born.Iridescent Dragonflies

What about you? Are you experiencing that deep longing for space? Perhaps there are some things that you need to work through, or maybe recover from. Maybe you are ready to move forward into a new part of your journey and you need to pull back and re-group before moving forward.

Let’s do this. . .together!

So, tell me – what is it that is burning deep down? Do you long for space? Do you need a new meditation practice to help you dive deeper into your quiet, still center? Do you simply need some community while you transform?

Tell me what would really help you along your journey and let’s create it together!

Walk through the grass with bare feet

I was out on a walk yesterday and went through a little grassy area. As is my custom, when I got to the grass, I took off my shoes and started to walk through the grass with bare feet. All of a sudden, a dragonfly buzzed right by my head! I LOVE it every time that happens! I always stop and watch them as long as possible when I see them. : )

After that one flew off, I turned back around to continue my walk. Then I saw another one! What a great day! And as I watched that one fly around, I looked at the bigger picture – as I softened my gaze and looked at the entire grassy area.

Then I saw them.

There were hundreds of dragonflies! Maybe more!

Once upon a time, I would have thought, “Oh isn’t that great! How fun to see a bunch of them at once.” And then I would just go on about my day.

But as the years pass, I have come to see that,

these are not chance encounters at all.

I have come to see that we are all more connected than we may realize. Even with animals and insects. Just like we are attracted to certain people as friends or business partners, we are also attracted to specific animals at different times. And often, if we are listening, they have a message for us.

Dragonflies are all about transformation. They bring messages like, “It’s time to begin a transformation from what was to what is coming,” or, “You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! The work is worth the outcome!” or, “That transformational journey you are on? Guess what? You did it! You’re on the other side! Congratulations!”

Now, they haven’t actually said those things to me. Not out loud. But their messages are just as clear as if they had.

So, think about your last few days or weeks – who has wandered across your path recently? What do you think the message for you could be?

Do dragonflies ever have bad days?

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sky is a gorgeous blue with the prettiest puffy clouds. I slept in this morning, had some breakfast, and am home with the fam for the afternoon. Everyone is doing their own thing. We are all healthy. We have everything we need.

So why do I feel so lifeless today?

I was thinking about writing something and all I could think was, “Do dragonflies ever have bad days?”

I don’t think they really do…

If I sit and ponder why I DO feel lifeless and blue, it’s because nothing exciting is going on. I don’t have anything on the schedule today and if I’m completely honest, I am fairly addicted to having something to DO. All. The. Time. I want to have an appointment to go to, or a yoga class to teach, or a  coffee date with a friend. Or something. Anyone else ever do this? Can I get a witness?

So, I can’t really ask a dragonfly if they have bad days, but here’s why I don’t think they do:

Dragonflies live in the moment.

Like this moment. Even if there’s nothing to do. Even if there’s lots to do. Even if they are with all the other dragonflies. Even if they are all by themselves. Every single moment is full of life for them.

One of my favorite yoga songs has this line –  “Even loneliness is full of life.” And it is. So, I think I will take a lesson from the dragonflies and the yoga song and experience the fullness of the moment – even if it’s a little blue, or lonely, or downright boring. Because, really, the amazing moments are only amazing because of the ho-hum moments on a random, beautiful, Sunday afternoon.

One of the best ways I know to get in touch with the now is to do a presence meditation. The best ones for me, especially when I am so obviously dealing with a busy-ness addiction is to sit outside for 15-30 minutes and simply notice all the beauty around me. Whenever I get distracted with a thought (often), I just remind myself that I am practicing presence and come back to the observation. Sometimes this just doesn’t work and when that’s the case, I like to use a mindfulness app that gives me a little guidance.

And with that said – I am headed outside! I actually do feel better all ready. Amazing!