Release mid-day stress!

The other day started off like most others. I meditated, got ready for the day, taught a yoga class, and then – BOOM! The rest of my schedule got thrown out the window when a series of unforeseeable events unfolded. It was after 6:00pm when I realized I hadn’t had any water or even had a chance to visit the restroom since before 9:00am. And I admit, I was pretty flustered. I was grumpy, I was irritable, I may have even been a tiny bit snippy with the lady at the bank. I certainly hadn’t chosen to release the stress when it came on. Ugh.

Has this ever happened to you?

Of course, it has! Things like this happen to everyone. Despite our best plans, sometimes we just can’t be prepared for every possible challenge. And when our day goes askew, we don’t always handle it as well as we would want to. Thankfully we can apologize and promise to do better next time. And sometimes that works. Other times, not so much. The real issue is when we don’t handle it well and the tiniest setbacks cause us to “lose it” with unsuspecting (and undeserving) people we see throughout the day. If we start to notice that the occasional setback is becoming more the norm in our life, then it could be time for a revolution!

Any of these things sound familiar a little too often?

*Becoming easily agitated, frustrated, or moody
*Feeling overwhelmed or like you’re losing control
*Having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind
*Feeling bad about yourself, lonely, or depressed
*Avoiding others

These are all signs of stress. None of them are surprising, I’m sure. You hear about stress in the news and from your doctor all the time. You likely even experience it on a daily or weekly basis.

Here’s how it goes sometimes – you wake up, meditate, work out, get ready for the day. Pack a lunch, play relaxing music at your desk or in your house, and then something happens that throws everything off. And then what? How do you handle this unpredictable event? Do you have a game plan for what to do in stressful situations? If not, my guess is you are reacting instead of responding. And that reaction may include yelling, slamming doors, being snippy with people, or retreating, putting on PJs and eating a pint of ice cream.

Are you ready to revolutionize your response and release mid-day stress?

If you would like to revolutionize your response and learn how to release mid-day stress, then I would like to invite you to join me for a webinar where I will show you some great ways to ease the experience of unexpected stress and how to handle it in a way that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your responses and actions instead of being left at the mercy of emotional reactions. I’ll talk about incorporating yoga poses and share some breathing exercises. I will share how I use essential oils to help ease emotional experiences and how to get the most benefit from them.

The webinar will be on Tuesday @ 1:00pm PDT. Ready to join me? Click here to get signed up!

In the meantime, try this the next time you feel that sense of overwhelm coming on:
Inhale for the count of 4Hold your breath for the count of 4
Exhale for the count of 4
Hold your breath for the count of 4
*Do this 4 times in a row*

*As with this and any other breathing exercise, if you begin to feel faint or uncomfortable, release the exercise and breath normally.

How’s your schedule?

Ahhh, summer. How I love thee. The endless days of sunshine, the radiant heat that warms all the way to my bones, the lemonade, the pool, the release of the school-year schedule. So relaxing. So wonderful.

I do love summer.

You see, I have the amazing privilege of being able to relax my schedule a bit in the summer. A little less work, more time with the kids, a little sleeping in from time to time. And it’s such a nice break from the super early busy-ness of the school year and all the after-school activities, etc.

But even breaks can have their downside when they last a long time.

As I look at my planner and see that school starts again next week, I find myself feeling like I am ready. Ready for the excitement and a new schedule. Ready for increased productivity. Even ready for the change of the weather! Although I LOVE the ridiculously hot summers here in the desert, I know that the variation in the weather keep me appreciating my favorite times of the year.

I also love having my daily routines and more things to do on my schedule. I enjoy that I get more things done during the school year. The change in the air also leans into a change in me.

I must admit…

For the last couple of weeks I have been kinda hard on myself. Feeling like it has been way too long since I have gotten much done. Too long since I spent a few hours doing the work that I love to do. As I was telling my friend about this, she helped me to re-evaluate. She showed me that while the outward productivity has been down, I have spent a good deal of time and energy doing some internal work and also laying foundations for projects I am working on launching in the fall. So, while there’s not a lot to show on the outside, yet…. I am doing valuable work nonetheless. And even if I all I had done for the past few weeks was rest and enjoy summer, that’s great too! We all need times to pull back, take our minds off of work and do something different. When we do, we come back to our work with a new creativity and refreshed love for our work.

Now for the good part!

With my new schedule starting up next week, I am in preparation mode. You know, dusting off my calendar, getting my pens and pencils all in order and thinking about how I want to spend my days. Because the nature of my work ebbs and flows with the school year, I have a built-in opportunity to re-evaluate and re-construct my daily routines if I so desire. And I usually do change things up a bit.

Here’s how I do it:

I start with the things that are important to me – daily meditation, exercise, business goals, reading, etc. And time with family, rest and time with friends DEFINITELY makes that list! We all need things in our weekly routine that give us joy and a chance to connect with our loved ones.

Need meditation_Then, I look at the things that are beyond my control (school start times, class times for the yoga classes I teach at the local country club, family time, etc.) and then begin to put things by most important first. So, I start with meditation. I know I am the best me when I start (and usually end) the day with meditation. It’s super easy for me to hit the ground running in the morning. But when I stop for 20 minutes to center myself and connect with the Divine, I handle my day in an entirely different way. Need a meditation? Grab this one – it’s on me!

flight of the birdNext up is exercise. Also too easy to let it slide through the cracks if it’s not on the schedule. I also make a point to tell my friends and family what I plan to do and when I plan to do it. If I don’t, then I will push it aside if someone wants to plan a get-together. Telling them helps me keep it a priority. How about some yoga? Check out this simple practice.

You get the idea, right? I know I’m not telling you anything new. I just know when I’m ready to start fresh, this is my process and it helps to review it! Start with the big things – what’s MOST important to your health (spiritual, mental, physical, AND emotional)? And then go from there. That way, if you find yourself running out of time blocks before you have all the activities on the calendar, then the things that don’t make the cut are the LEAST important things instead of the MOST important things!

Do you like this, but wish there was MORE? I will be doing a series of webinars this month where we will unravel the mysteries of relieving mid-day stress, creating mindful daily plans, and designing a restful sleep strategy! Click here to get the updates so you don’t miss a thing!

Make a map of it

make a map of it

Maps are helpful. They get us from Point A to Point B. The live, interactive ones even tell us when we need to change our route to get around a traffic delay. Truly remarkable!

Last week we talked about feeling all alone and then realizing that we’re really not. But what to do when you truly FEEL that way? When it feels like you don’t know up from down, left from right, in from out. When all the regular landmarks are missing and you don’t know which way to go.

What do you do then???

Our tendency is to push the feelings away. To pretend they aren’t there. Or to do whatever it takes to get rid of them as soon as possible. We’ll over-fill our schedules, self-medicate, and enlist outside help from friends or counselors* – ANYTHING to get rid of the feelings of disillusionment as quickly as possible, right?

I have a suggestion.

Instead of fighting as hard as you can, try this: make a map of it.

lean into the experienceInstead of running away as fast as possible, what if we sat with the discomfort and took stock of the surroundings? Instead of trying to get rid of the “bad” feelings, what if we leaned into them and explored them? Instead of incessant resistance, what if we met our feelings with a sense of curiosity?

I’ve tried this a few times, and I have to tell you, after getting over the initial discomfort, the experience is AMAZING. When diving into the depth of the feelings and emotions and really leaning into all they are, I begin to realize that most of the time, they aren’t “bad” at all. They’re just intense. Sometimes, REALLY intense, but not necessarily “bad.” Sometimes feelings that I previously avoided turn out to be kind of cool in their own way.

I’ve noticed that anger feels hot and spicy and explosive. The map of my surroundings in anger looks dark, and red, and billowy and desolate. Sadness feels salty, like tears to me. And the landscape is kind of yellow-green until the sadness starts to subside and then everything becomes a soothing shade of soft blue. It’s also a place of alone-ness. I call it alone-ness because it doesn’t really feel lonely, just alone. Which is actually kind of nice sometimes.

So what do you say? Would you be willing to sit with an intense feeling with a sense of curiosity and make a map of what you see?

*please know that I am not a licensed mental health practitioner and am in NO WAY encouraging anyone to stop seeing a counselor. I believe strongly in the work counselors do and am grateful for them. I am also NOT saying anyone should discontinue or refuse a medication they need and are using under the care of their medical or mental health care provider. These decisions are very personal and should not be taken or refused lightly. I am simply sharing from my own experience and observations. Please check with your chosen health care team if you have specific questions regarding your health care needs.

Do you ever need to know you’re not alone?

I do.

In fact, that’s why Iridescent Dragonflies is even a thing.

Let me take you back a couple years…

It was the Spring of 2014 and I had been working at a job I loved as a nonprofit consultant for a little over 5 years. The company I worked for helped small nonprofits build a strong internal structure, raise money and develop better communications with their supporters. It was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.

But by the Spring of 2014 I was getting restless.

It wasn’t that I was bored with my job. Nope. Still loved it immensely. However, I felt a stirring deep inside. A stirring that compelled me to do something more personal.

And it all came from my own inner journey.

You see, I was hungry. For knowledge, for growth, for a community of people who shared my same desires and hopes. And I was really interested in yoga, meditation, essential oils, energy work, and stones. I had some great friends that I very much enjoyed hanging out often we would really dive deeply into these things, but they had just moved away and I knew it would be hard to create another similar relationship built around these interests.

Remember camp as a kid or teen?

I LOVED that experience! Getting to leave behind all the stress and worry of life and hang out in some beautiful location for a week (or more) and spend time on personal growth and building relationships. I wanted to go to camp! But that doesn’t really work in the middle of work and family and carpools, does it?


I knew that if I wanted to experience personal growth and delve into these things that were so intriguing to me, then I had to figure out a way to do it right in the middle of life on a random Tuesday afternoon, or after an argument with my kids, or a disappointment at work, or whatever.

And then it dawned on me! I wasn’t alone – and neither are you!

I couldn’t be the only person on the planet who wanted to experience deep personal growth but still had a life to live. Right? And if I hadn’t been able to find that community in person, or online, it was HIGHLY likely that there were other people who wanted the same thing and also hadn’t been able to find it. Right?

So it seemed absolutely clear.

I needed to create it!

So I started writing and researching and learning about the things that intrigued me. And then I started posting these things through my blog and on a FaceBook page. I wasn’t alone after all! You were there, too!

And now, here we are!

5 ways to enjoy the momentA little over two years have passed since I knew it was time to follow this deep gnawing inside. And about a year and a half since I wrote the very first blog. Since then, I have taken courses in YogaTherapy 2 (all about subtle body energies), Meditation, Essential Oils, and Yoga for PTSD. I have researched and made friends with people who know lots about stones and had many energy work sessions that have truly blown my mind. And every time I learn something new, I share it with you guys either via blog or FaceBook post.

It’s my hope that you find a community here that supports you on your own journey and connects you with resources that provide light and practical help on a Thursday afternoon. I’m so excited you are here and hope that we can share this journey for years to come. We are definitely not alone!

Are you feeling alone right now? Need a boost today? Looking for something to brighten up this moment? Here are 5 of my favorite ways to bring myself back to the moment and live in joy. Feel free to download and print it out!


Graduations happen all over the country this time of year. But usually they just pass on by and I don’t think too much about it.

Until this year.

You see, my firstborn is graduating High School this year and so I’ve been thinking about it A LOT.

As we all know, the ceremony is typically called “Commencement” and when I was graduating, it didn’t make much sense to me to call it “Beginning” when it was CLEARLY and “Ending.”

I am older and (hopefully) wiser these days and now I LOVE that it’s called “Commencement.” Every ending is the beginning of something else and so to name the event “Beginning” truly is a wonderful way to go!

So often in life we are completely focused on what we’re losing, or who we will miss that we cannot see all the possibility in front of us. Just think back to a transition that you were super sad about. Remember the tears? The sorrow? The nervous-ness? Apprehension?


Think about what happened next. What new life experiences did you have? What new friends did you make?

So that sorrowful ending became an exciting new beginning didn’t it? Even if the new thing wasn’t perfect, or had it’s share of bumps along the way – would you agree that something fantastic happened that you are so grateful for? Perhaps it was the new place or job. Maybe it was the new friend you gained that you cannot imagine life without now. Or perhaps a lesson learned that may have been painful but has served you well ever since.

Sometimes our Commencements are a natural flow of life and we know they are coming – like Graduation or a job promotion. Other times they come at us like a freight train and out of nowhere – like a job loss, or the death of a loved one or a unexpected illness.

And other times?

choose a new beginningWe choose our Commencement! Sometimes it’s as simple as New Year’s Resolutions, or the decision to join the gym or make friends with people who are a positive influence. The point is, we can CHOOSE a new beginning any time! This is fantastic news!

Does all this “New Beginning” talk make you want to choose a new beginning RIGHT NOW???

Let’s do it! Together!

What is one thing you’d like to begin – TODAY? And what are three steps you can take as you begin this new thing? I’d LOVE to hear from you what your Commencement is and how you plan to get started. Email me and let me know!

A story about graduation

It’s that time of year. School is winding down and kids are graduating. Mine included. My oldest is graduating high school this year. I admit – I am mostly in denial about this fact. I am none too happy that the child grew up so fast, and GRADUATION??? THAT was NOT supposed to happen this quickly!

And yet, I am grateful, too. Grateful to have a son. Grateful that he has made it this far and has done so well. It’s a big moment all the way around.

Well, the other day I was on FaceBook and one of my friends from Moore High School was posting that her daughter is also graduating this year! Her daughter is a Valedictorian at the same high school where we were part of the Valedictorian group. Her daughter was asking for advice on writing her speech and so my friend dug out the high school box where she had KEPT our speeches from graduation all those years ago!

Moore High School was pretty big back in the day, and so there were 22 of us that gave speeches that night as best I can recall. We each had something like 25 seconds to share our parting thoughts with our fellow students. I counted – and my speech was exactly 6 sentences long. I really didn’t know what to say, but did my best to come up with something (anything!) that would fit the bill for Graduation Night.


Let’s suffice it to say I did not want to make that speech AT ALL.

But…since I HAD TO…

I labored over those six sentences! Rough draft. Editing. Re-writing. Practicing. Worrying. Starting all over. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Anyway – my friend took pics of all twenty-two speeches (Xerox copies made from the dot matrix original, you know) and posted them! So I got to re-read what I had written. First, it was humbling. NOT a work of art, I tell ya! It wasn’t particularly well written. Nor was it compelling.

And yet…

Even THEN…graduation

Even twenty-six years ago I knew something deep down. I knew that we are more than just our surroundings. We are more than our graduating class. We are more than our town. We are more than our nation.

We are individuals.

Each of us has a beautiful gift to give. Even in 1990 (I know – eeek!), I had the sneaking suspicion that each of us have a wonderful sparkly self to share with the world.

So that’s the story. Before I had ANY idea that I would go to University and earn a Bachelors in Music Education, get married, teach for 3 years, have two amazing kids, work for an insurance company, teach private piano/voice lessons, do the stay-at-home-mom thing, be in a band, work as a nonprofit consultant, and become a yoga trainer…before any of that – I KNEW that we each have something beautiful to offer.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I hide it, or disregard it, or think it isn’t sparkly ENOUGH. But guess what? IT IS. When we cover it up, or hide it in a corner, or whatever, we’re not the only ones who miss out, EVERYONE misses out.

So if that’s been you – if you’ve denied that thing that makes you unique and amazing, let’s change that. Take it out, dust it off, tell it you’re sorry, and then LET IT SHINE!

Please tell me, what is that special thing that makes you, you?

What’s the most important item on your schedule today?

What’s the most important item on your schedule today?

I hope it’s YOU.



You know that feeling when your schedule is too busy and you feel like you’re running all over the place and there’s no time for yourself?

Guess what?

The only person who has control over the busy-ness of your schedule is….yep…YOU!

So, whataya say? Are you willing to make yourself a priority? It really isn’t that hard, it just takes a little planning. If you haven’t already, how about trying one of these today:

  • 10 minute walk by yourself
  • mindfully make a cup of tea and enjoy it while simply noticing the beauty around you
  • make a gratitude list – thoughtfully write down 3-5 things you are truly grateful for

These things are so simple, but can absolutely change the trajectory of your whole day!

Have you seen Kung Fu Panda? It’s amazing to me the life lessons that you can learn in a cartoon movie! In the movie, the wise teacher is a turtle named Oogway. In a critical moment of the movie, one of the cahracters, Shifu tells Oogway that he has “very bad news!”

Shifu: Master! I have… it’s very bad news!
Oogway: Ah, Shifu. There is just news. There is no good or bad.

I love this moment in the movie! I recall it often when I want to jump to conclusions and immediately assign the label of “good” or “bad” to a situation. How can I truly know if something is good or bad? Some things that I thought were just awful in the moment have turned out to be the biggest blessings of my life, while other situations that seemed grand at the outset have nearly sunk me in the end. When we receive news, let’s pause for a moment and realize that it is only news. It is not good news or bad news. We have the choice of how we will respond.

It’s most important to take care of ourselves.

Even in the middle of an intense situation, we can choose to care for ourselves. I have seen this in action and it is POWERFUL! Even when the situations of  life are not what you had hoped or planned, and it seems like “very bad news,” we can make the conscious choice to take care of ourselves and make that care our top priority of the day. We all “know” it’s true, but we simply MUST take care of ourselves if we are to take care of anyone else.

So, Dragonfly, please share. What will you do to take care of YOU today?

What to do when. . .Tips for nurturing

I know it’s happened to you. And it happened to me just last week. Let me take you there:

The week has been kinda busy, but not too bad. I am heading out for a yoga training, and truly excited to be going. I gather all my stuff and a good friend arrives to take me to the airport. As we open the door to take my luggage out, my dog Finley, who is typically very well-behaved, decides this is the best possible time to run out the front door! Seriously?!?! She’s off like a shot and we can’t find her anywhere. We walk down the street, we drive around the neighborhood. No dog. And it’s time to go! I can’t spend anymore time looking for her, so I call my husband who’s at work and THANKFULLY someone has already found her and just called him to let him know. Whew. We make it to the airport in time and I get on my flight. I arrive at my connecting airport, have a fantastic dinner and get on flight number two. Once I arrive at my destination, I get my rental car. I can’t locate my phone charger right away, so I opt to use the car GPS instead. This creates the first snafu (that I’m aware of). The darn thing doesn’t work very well and I end up getting lost three times. Ugh. It’s late and I need to get to bed! I (finally) arrive at my hotel. As is my common practice, I get all my materials ready before calling it a night only to realize that I have left MULTIPLE items on one flight or the other! Including my phone charger (brand new, of course) and other items that I could really use this weekend. Sigh. I won’t bore you with the rest of the weekend, but suffice it to say that this first evening on the way to my hotel was only the TIP of the iceberg!

So what did I do? How did I survive the craziness (mostly caused by myself)? It took all my efforts and, honestly, it has taken me a few days to recover. I took out all the stops and went immediately into nurturing mode!

If you have felt this way, and wondered what to do, perhaps some of these ideas will help as you develop a nurturing environment:

  • Snuggle on the couch with a soft blanket.
  • Use a grounding essential oil. I love Balance Blend from doTERRA, but any of the woody or resin-y oils work really well here. White Fir, Frankincense, Sandalwood, etc.
  • Take a bath with Epsom Salts and/or add your essential oil.
  • Eat heavier, soothing, unctuous foods. Think soups, root veggies, etc. Earthy foods!
  • Rest when you can. Even a 10 minute rest can work wonders.
  • Allow more than enough time between appointments. Hurrying will only make things worse!
  • Give yourself the same grace and compassion you would give your child or best friend. Sometimes we are simply too hard on ourselves and our expectations are too high.
  • Stay away from those cravings! Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol – all those things will exacerbate the issue. Show yourself love with real food and nurturing care. Drink plenty of water.
  • Meditate. Maybe a few times a day! If this is new or you have a hard time with it, I highly recommend getting a Meditation App on your phone. There are so many to choose from. A few of my favorites: Headspace, Mindful, Calm, Meditation Studio.
  • Carry a favorite crystal or wear a favorite piece of jewelry. Sentimental things can really help us feel nurturing through yogacalm, connected and relaxed. Grounding stones include: Bloodstone, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Garnet, Tiger’s Eye.
  • Use a mantra or affirmation. The most important aspect of a mantra of affirmation is that you state what you WANT, not what you don’t want! So, instead of, “I am getting over being so tired all the time,” it would be much more effective to say, “I am giving my body the rest it needs and enjoying the energy I have!”
  • Get a massage or have some energy work done. Is there anything more nurturing than this?
  • Go to yoga class! For releasing stress and regaining focus I recommend a Gentle or Restorative Class. There are plenty of other days to do Power Yoga. This time is for ultimate care!

I know this list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully you found at least one tool you can use to help you get over “one of those days!” It has taken concentrated effort, but I am definitely on the mend and I am feeling very nurtured by my steps towards this level of loving care.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite way to care for yourself in the middle of a crazy day, week, or time of life? We have all discovered ways to work through difficult times. Let’s share them together!

7 tips to start your day with love!

On Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the OM Wisdom Summit 2016! In that interview I talk about Absolute Lifestyle Revolution and many ways you can find true transformation in your life today! (Watch the replay!)

In the interview I also discuss several ways to start your morning off with love. But before I get ahead of myself – have you ever had a morning like this…

The alarm goes off. Your first thought is not, “Good morning, bright and beautiful world!” but something closer to, “Seriously? I can’t do it. I’m EXHAUSTED.” You roll over and grab your phone and start scrolling through Facebook with bleary eyes. After you get “caught up” on what’s happening, you stumble out of bed and start rushing to get ready. So many things to do and not nearly enough time! Maybe you forgot to get the stuff for the kids’ lunches at the store, or you left your own lunchbox at the office. Argh. Now you’re behind and need to squeeze in a stop at the grocery to grab something quick and easy. Or not. Is it really THAT bad to eat out of the vending machine? Again? In your rush out of the kitchen, you grab your coffee mug and head out the door. You set it in top of the car while you throw your stuff in (like always), and then it tips over and you now have coffee all over the clothes you have to wear for your first meeting or appointment of the day. Sigh. Why does this ALWAYS happen???

Why DOES this always happen? start your day with loveThat’s a great question. It can be hard to chase down the exact cause sometimes, but regardless of what got you here, I have some great tips to start the morning a whole different way. With love. And peace. And calm.

Doesn’t that sounds good? I know I like to mornings that start with intention and peace.

Check out my great tips for starting YOUR morning off with love.

The secrets to the universe – revealed!

A couple of years ago I took my first Ayurveda training and felt like it revealed the secrets to the universe! Now I realize that this is quite a statement, but all the same, I think it’s true.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning…

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and brings balance to our bodies using diet, herbs and yoga. After having completed my Yoga Teacher Training through YogaFit Training Systems, I wanted to start exploring the “squishy” parts of yoga. I didn’t even really know what that meant, exactly. I just knew how much I loved what I had learned and experienced with yoga and thought if there was more to learn, then I wanted to learn it! So, the first training that caught my eye was Ayurveda I.

Well about an hour into the training, I was so blown away by the intro, that I wanted to stop right there and just let it soak in! I felt like the overview about the three aspects of each of our own constitutions had unlocked the secrets of life. Having someone explain how my body constitution also gave insight into my behavioral aspects and tendencies, and those of my family was life-changing! I finally understood why I act the way I do sometimes, and why my husband and kids act the way they do sometimes and how that ties so directly into our body-types and our diet. Lifelong secrets revealed!

But wait! There’s more!

The information just kept coming and I learned so many things about how my daily care routine can set my day up for success (sign up to hear my upcoming interview with Renee Li on the OM Wisdom Summit on this very topic here). I learned about how it’s not just a clean diet that best serves our bodies, but how even among whole foods, there are some that are better than others at balancing each of our constitutions.

And I learned even more about breath.

Have you ever thought about how breathing is 50% work and 50% relaxation?

I know that’s a big obvious, but really, THINK about that!

I believe that so many of life’s lessons can be learned from the breath. We can discover how we respond to stress, we can relieve stress. We can breathe shallow or deep. We can hold our breath or hyper-ventilate. We can breathe on purpose or let it happen passively.

But when I REALLY thought about how breath is 50/50 on the work and relaxation, I was so inspired I wrote a poem. It’s called Ode to the Breath.

Ode to the Breath

Breathe in, breathe out
All in equal time.
Take it, take it off the mat,
And watch it make life rhyme.

Yes, I KNOW. It’s SUPER cheesy. But I gotta tell ya, this breath revelation was revolutionary for me! Here’s what was so magical about it for me – I realized that if our most basic building block of life, the breath, needed as much rest as it needed work, then why did I think I was any different?

Why did I think I could work more than half the day and only rest a little? How was that ever gonna work out? Well I have a little secret –

It wasn’t.


Gonna work out.

And so, that’s where I started. With the breath.

From there it just kept branching out. I started to look at my morning routine and what was working and what wasn’t. I started to incorporate things that created an environment for beautiful starts to my day. And then I started looking at my evening routine. What I found there was that the simplest things (foot massage, evening meditation, cup of tea) helped me transition from a busy day into a relaxed state for sleep. It turns out that the “secrets” aren’t so secretive after all!

Do I knock it out the park and do these things every single day without failing. No way. But I do them more often than I don’t. AND, when I’m feeling out of sorts, the first thing I do is check my routines. If I’ve fallen off the wagon of practices that I KNOW work for me, then that’s where I start to put it all back together. Tools in the toolbox are the ticket to climbing out of overwhelm for me. Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.56.36 AM

If you’re intrigued by all this and would like to learn some more of the secrets that have revolutionized my life, watch my interview with Renee from the OM Wisdom Summit where I unpack a great morning routine and discuss several other tools to find your calm in the middle of a random Tuesday. Enjoy!