10 Random Things.

As I am learning how to write a blog interesting enough to read, I am taking a blogging challenge and our challenge today is 10 random things my average reader may not know. So, depending on when you and I met (and whether you and I have met), some of this may be common knowledge and some may be brand new! So, not that you were wondering, here are 10 random facts about myself:

  • I was adopted by the most wonderful people when I was 5 days old. Who knows what my life would have been like otherwise, but I am so grateful for the life and parents I do have! They have taught me so much about love, compassion, serving others, and how to laugh.
  • My most life altering trip was to Uganda. This trip changed my entire perspective in about 5 minutes. That was 7 years ago and I still think about that trip every day. I tried all kinds of foods I had never had before while I was there, the least of which wasn’t the fried grasshoppers in the pic above. You’ll be (somewhat) relieved to know I passed on the fresh (humongous) termites the Ugandan children tried to give me!
  • I wore glasses from age 3-12, then magically didn’t need them anymore. I got them again earlier this year, but no one really knows that either, because I hardly ever wear them! However, with 42 year-old eyes, I have noticed myself wanting them a bit more often. I might actually start putting them in my bag soon!
  • I graduated Valedictorian from High School and Cum Laude from College. My actual degree is in Vocal Music Education, with a minor in Piano. I even taught High School Choir for a few years before the babies came along. I still teach a few piano lessons and every now and then you just might find me singing a few tunes at the local wine bar.
  • I have a hard time picking a favorite anything…I always feel bad for the choices that don’t get picked! Besides that, making decisions hasn’t historically been my forte. But if I were going to pick a favorite movie today, I’d pick SeaBiscuit, my favorite fruit is and always has been pineapple, my favorite color right now is deep, moody, Mediterranean blue, and my favorite Starbucks beverage is currently Soy Salted Caramel Black and White Mocha (you knew the coffee drink had to come in somewhere, right?!?!)
  • About 24 years ago I met my husband and we’ve been hanging out ever since. We have two beautiful children who are as ornery as him and as sweet as me! Oh, wait…maybe that’s the other way around. oops.
  • When I’m typing (which is unnerving to watch anyway, since I played the piano first and proceeded to teach myself to type at 9 years old), I transpose my letters A LOT. So, I end up with “abotu” for “about”, “thigns” for “things”, and other similar typos. Thank you, auto-correct! Anyone else? Please tell me I’m not the only one!
  • If I were going to change one thing about myself, I would be a better friend and family member, never forgetting birthdays or special moments and carving little spaces out of the craziness of life for those I love and those who are brave enough to love me (I recognize how challenging this can be). Thanks to all of you for taking on the challenge! My life is full and rich because of you.
  • While I am very outgoing and LOVE social interaction like nobody’s business, I must pull away sometimes and spend some quality time being quiet, interacting with no one and just re-charge my batteries. I do my best to create that time every day through meditation and mindfulness, and then take longer amounts of time every few months when I spend a day alone.
  • Lastly, one of the things that makes me super happy is a great pen or pencil. I like beautiful ones, super functional ones, ones that write in pretty colors, and nostalgic ones. And, I like them even more if they come in a pretty box. I love packaging so much I have been known to buy a lipstick just because it has a cool case, with no thought for what the color was like.

So, there ya have it – a little sneak peek. I’m hoping that wasn’t too scary!